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4 Good Reasons To Hire A Freight Broker

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Are you opening a business that will involve shipping a large amount of goods to customers? If you want to make sure timely shipments are made, you must be careful about who is hired for making deliveries. You might want to invest in the services of a freight broker to take advantage of the benefits that are included. Take a look at this article to discover why working with a freight broker is in the best interest of your company. 1. A Good Deal Can Be Negotiated The best thing about hiring a freight broker is that he or she will likely already have a good relationship with numerous shipping companies. Due to the broker’s reputation, it might allow him or her to have access to discounts that you are not likely to get by hiring a shipper on your own. A freight broker will already have a list of the prices charged by shipping companies in his or her database. He or she will help you choose a shipper that best meets your budget based on your delivery needs. 2. You Will Only Have to Deal with One Person By hiring a shipper without help from a freight broker, you might have to speak to multiple customer service representatives when problems arise. For instance, if a customer complains that a shipment never arrived, you might have to deal will being referred to various representatives of the shipping company to resolve the problem. You will only need to call the freight broker to resolve problems by opting out of hiring a shipper on your own. 3. Your Shipments Will Be Carefully Tracked A freight broker will be able to track your shipments throughout the entire delivery process. He or she will also keep records that include the weight, size and contents of your shipments in case a problem arises. For instance, if a shipment happens to get misplaced by a shipping company, the records of what was being delivered can help when it comes to recouping money. 4. Shipments Will Be Timely Year-Round You must keep in mind that some shipping companies do not deliver on certain days, such as during the holidays. A freight broker will make sure that you are able to make year-round deliveries by promptly connecting you to different shipping companies if the need arises. Speak to a freight broker like Erkon Logistics about the needs of your company as soon as you are able...

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Business Shipping 101: 4 Good Reasons To Consider Using A Logistics Company

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Growing a business is often a difficult task. While it might be manageable in the beginning, as your business gains customers, you will likely find yourself scrambling to get all of the shipping done. Fortunately, you can hire an outside logistic company to help with your inventory and shipping needs. Although it isn’t free, it often has many benefits. So what benefits are there in hiring a logistic company? Here are four: 1. Limit Customs Issues If you ship your product worldwide, you might run into issues with customs. Packages might get lost or broken. Even worse, they might not arrive on time. Fortunately, a logistic company is prepared to handle these issues. These companies often know how to track packages and ensure that they arrive on time. They also usually ship overseas products in bulk, which saves you time and money. 2. Real Time Tracking Ability Another huge benefit of a logistic company is that they often have access to real-time tracking data. This means that they can easily see where your package is at all times. Often times, they will also allow your business and your customers to track the package as well. This is incredibly handy, as neither you nor the customer will have to spend countless hours worrying about the package. Plus, real-time tracking data is good customer service. 3. Ability To Store Inventory Worldwide Additionally, logistic companies have the ability to store your inventory worldwide. While that might not sound like a benefit, it is. With inventory all over the world, it will be much cheaper to ship packages, as they won’t have to travel as far. It will also reduce shipping times, which makes customers happy. 4. Less Errors Finally, hiring a logistic company is a good idea as it will reduce the likelihood of errors. Since many of these logistic companies have automated systems, you won’t have to worry about someone typing in the wrong address, phone number, or name. Although a small benefit, it can reap big rewards—as you won’t have to worry about costly shipping errors. As you can see, there are many great benefits to hiring and using an outside logistic company. While you certainly could do all of the shipping and inventory yourself, it usually isn’t worth it. Not only will you save precious time by using a third party company, you’ll also save money. So if you are interested in learning more, contact a shipping logistic company...

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How To Plan A Wonderful Mother’s Day From Across The Miles

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For whatever reason you are living away from home, you probably get a bit homesick every now and then. If it makes you feel any better, those at home miss you, too! It seems like special occasions make family members long for each other even more, and Mother’s Day is no exception. If you are wanting to plan something special from across the miles, here are some ideas that might help you to prepare something memorable. Your Voice – You probably already know that your mother’s best gift might just be the sound of your voice. Perhaps you email or text regularly, but that is not quite the same as speaking to her in a way that you can have a real conversation. Start the day with an early morning phone call and make it even more meaningful by having plenty of time to talk. Be prepared to tell your mom everything that’s going on in your life as she’s probably going to be asking you a lot of questions. Show interest in her world, too. In fact, it might be a good idea to write down questions you want to ask, as you might forget them once you’re on the phone. A Special Gift – Don’t worry if you waited until the last day to send a gift. Thank goodness for same-day delivery from companies like On Time Delivery Service! It’s true that it might cost more to ask for this service, but the knowledge that your gift will arrive on time is worth the expense. Think of creative gifts that your mother would not purchase for herself. One idea is to order a bouquet made out of different types of fruit. Thanks to same-day delivery, the fruit will be fresh, delicious and ready to eat. Another idea is to order a candy bar bouquet. Have you seen pictures of those? There are enough candy bars to last your mother for a long time! Both a fruit bouquet or a candy bar bouquet come in attractive containers so she’ll have something pretty even after the food is long gone. Of course, flowers are also a wonderful option. Choose her favorite flowers and a pretty vase or a cute teddy bear to accompany that will be part of the flower arrangement. Again, the fact that the flowers will be delivered on the day that you order them means that they will arrive in excellent condition. Don’t forget to send a meaningful card or a letter that expresses your love and appreciation for your...

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Surprising Additional Charges You May Have To Pay When Moving

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There’s a good chance that you’ll be moving in the near future, since 35% of Americans moved within the last five years. There are many surprising costs that you will need to be prepared for that are simply a natural part of moving. By being aware of these expenses ahead of time, you might be able to find ways to reduce them. The Gratuity Don’t forget to tip the movers. While it is not required, it is considered customary to tip movers about $20 to $30 per person. If they will only be moving your belongings for a half-day, you can tip about $10. If you aren’t sure what is acceptable, talk with a professional, like Movers 201 Inc, to see what a good rate is in your area. Extra Supplies While you will obviously need moving supplies, budget for more moving supplies than you think you will need. Purchase boxes in bulk rather than purchasing them individually from retailers, since you will receive a discount. Also, consider the loss of supplies that you do not intend to bring with you, such as cleaning supplies. It will be expensive to replace them. Your Insurance It may be a good idea to shop around for different car insurance policies because your rates might go up when you move to a new location. More densely populated areas have higher insurance premiums. Also, if you move to an area where residents earn more money, you will need to pay higher premiums. You may also see an increase in your health insurance rates because not all health insurance companies are licensed in every state. Research how much comparable health insurance policies are to find out if your rates will go up. Local Credit If you owe money to any local stores, you should consider paying off your debt. However, you should not close any credit card accounts unless necessary because these accounts will have an impact on your credit score. Otherwise, you could end up with higher interest rates. Location Fees The driving charges you will have to pay the moving company can be higher if you live in an unusual area. For instance, if your home is in a location that has been newly constructed, it can take longer for the movers to find your home. While weight fees play into the total moving cost, don’t forget about gas fees. You may want to move some items to a storage unit to meet the movers halfway. Also, moving companies usually have standard carrying limits and if characteristics of your move cause the company to be forced to carry your belongings beyond the standard carrying limit, you are much more likely to pay higher fees–especially if you are in the military and move overseas. If your new home is on a high-rise, you may be charged an elevator fee. While these fees can be troublesome, if you are aware of them, you will be able to properly budget for...

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3 Easy Ways To Cut Custom Packaging Costs

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One of the best ways to make your product stand out is by investing in custom packaging for your product. However, although custom packaging is a great way to brand your product and make it stand out, it can also be expensive. Here are three easy ways to cut down the cost of using custom packaging for you product. Reduce The Weight One way to reduce the cost of your custom packaging is by reducing the weight. Generally, the heavier your packaging is, the more it will cost you. Although cardboard and paperboard are some of the most commonly used packaging material, you can customize how thick you want the cardboard or paperboard to be. Talk with your packaging company and work with them to test out different thickness levels. You will most likely be able to reduce the thickness of the product you use, and thus reduce the weight and cost of your custom packaging as well. Use Recycled Materials Next, look into using recycled materials instead of non-recycled materials. Recycled materials are generally more cost-effective than non-recycled materials. Talk to your packaging company about the different recycled and post-consumer packaging options that they have available. Additionally, if you use recycled materials, you can label your packaging as such. This can help you save money and can help you reach out to potential customers who like to purchase products that use recycled materials. Even just using recycled packaging materials can help you reach these consumers. Use Half Tones Of Ink One of the major costs of custom packaging is the ink that you use to print graphics and messages on your package. Each color of ink that you use increases your packaging costs. Instead of using 6 different colors of ink, you should talk to your packaging company about using half-tones. Half-tones are when you take a color and lighten them up. For example, black can be lightened into different shades of grey, and red can be lightened into different shades of pink. When you use the same color, but just lighten up the amount of ink that is applied, you will be able to cut down on the cost of printing your packages while still creating an interesting looking package. You will be able to use multiple color tones, while paying for less ink. If your custom packaging costs are taking up too much of your budget, talk to a package production company, like Packaging Center Inc, and see if you can implement any of the three cost-cutting measures listed above this...

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Watch Ground Conditions When Using Heavy Lift Cranes

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With the threat of a strong El Niño now very real for much of the United States, not just Southern California, crane operators have to be alert for changing ground conditions. No matter the composition of the soil you’re working on, frequent heavy rains and possible street flooding can cause the crane to become unsteady. The large stature of the crane and the heavy weight of the items it’s meant to lift are a recipe for disaster even if other safety protocols are followed correctly. Lingering Effects It’s already considered unsafe to operate a crane in heavy rain or muddy conditions because the electrical equipment and the stability of the crane would be compromised. But the problems with soil can remain long after the rain has stopped. Even if the ground appears to have dried, if the rain was very heavy or resulted in minor, localized flooding, enough of the ground could have been washed away to make the crane ever so slightly off-balance. Were a crane operator to try to lift something heavy with the crane, that slight off-balance issue could cause the crane to tip, and the weight of the heavy item could pull the crane down. It sounds like a very small problem, but given the size of a heavy lift crane, plus the weight of its cargo, you can’t be too careful. Not Letting Go Another issue is whether the crane has sunk into the mud. A huge crane isn’t going to sink down and disappear, but whatever the crane is sitting on — wheels, tank treads or caterpillar tracks, or posts — can sink a short bit into the mud, which would then dry around the treads or other parts touching the ground. If the crane has to move a bit to get into a better position, that again could throw the crane off-balance. Be aware that using a platform doesn’t necessarily make the situation any better. If the crane is on a hard surface, the soil underneath can still be affected by any water that seeps under the surface. That can throw the platform off-balance or cause cracks. The weight of the crane and anything it lifts would again pose a tip-over problem. Moving out of Harm’s Way After heavy rains, local flooding, or other conditions leading to mud and potential erosion, check the ground under the crane and move the crane with the help of a rigging crew if necessary. Don’t operate the crane unless the engineers in your crew are sure that the ground under the crane remains level enough and stable enough for operation. If you want more information on crane safety and moving the crane to another area, check with rigging companies, like Lockwood Brothers Inc, to see how quickly they’d be able to come out and move the...

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Long Haul Vs. Short Haul: Which Driving Career Is Right For You?

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Being a truck driver gives you the freedom to go to work every day without having to sit behind a desk or wear a suit and tie. If you are considering different types of truck driver careers, you may be wondering if long haul or short haul trucking is right for you. Both options exist in the shipping industry, and the option you choose ultimately depends on your preferences. Here are a few things you need to know before you make a decision. Work-Life Balance Long-haul truck drivers have a less predictable schedule than short-haul drivers, which can make a big difference if you have a family. Short-haul truckers can usually be sure that they will be home every night, while long-haul truckers can spend days or even weeks on the road. Short-haul truckers or delivery truck drivers often have the option of a fixed schedule with set days off every week. Long-haul drivers can choose their own hours in some cases, but they are typically needed to be on the road whenever there is a load that needs to be delivered. If you have young children, a short-haul driving career might be the better option, at least until the children get a little bit older. Driving Routes One of the perks of being a long-haul trucker is that you get to see new places as you drive across country. With advanced GPS systems and electronic displays on your truck’s dashboard, it’s easier than ever to navigate to exciting locations as you haul a load for a shipping company. Some drivers, however, prefer the predictability of short-haul routes. Driving to the same locations each day makes it easier to find shortcuts and predict what types of obstacles might come your way as you drive. If you prefer a less adventurous but more dependable daily route, choose short-haul trucking. If the excitement of the open road and the unknown call to you, go for a long-haul driving career. Pay Scales The pay for truck drivers varies widely. It can depend on the type of license you carry, how much experience you have and what type of driving you do. The pay general freight truck driver is approximately $40,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Light truck or local delivery drivers, on the other hand, average about $29,000 per year. The way you are paid is important as well. Long-haul truck drivers are paid by the mile, while short-haul or local delivery drivers are typically paid by the hour. Choosing a short-haul career means you’ll be paid the same amount no matter how far you drive, making the pay more predictable. Shipping companies have a need for both types of truck drivers, and there are plenty of opportunities to work for a company or on your own as a owner/operator. Take some time to weigh the pros and cons of each type of driving career before making a...

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