3 Easy Ways To Cut Custom Packaging Costs

27 October 2015
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One of the best ways to make your product stand out is by investing in custom packaging for your product. However, although custom packaging is a great way to brand your product and make it stand out, it can also be expensive. Here are three easy ways to cut down the cost of using custom packaging for you product.

Reduce The Weight

One way to reduce the cost of your custom packaging is by reducing the weight. Generally, the heavier your packaging is, the more it will cost you. Although cardboard and paperboard are some of the most commonly used packaging material, you can customize how thick you want the cardboard or paperboard to be.

Talk with your packaging company and work with them to test out different thickness levels. You will most likely be able to reduce the thickness of the product you use, and thus reduce the weight and cost of your custom packaging as well.

Use Recycled Materials

Next, look into using recycled materials instead of non-recycled materials. Recycled materials are generally more cost-effective than non-recycled materials. Talk to your packaging company about the different recycled and post-consumer packaging options that they have available. Additionally, if you use recycled materials, you can label your packaging as such.

This can help you save money and can help you reach out to potential customers who like to purchase products that use recycled materials. Even just using recycled packaging materials can help you reach these consumers.

Use Half Tones Of Ink

One of the major costs of custom packaging is the ink that you use to print graphics and messages on your package. Each color of ink that you use increases your packaging costs. Instead of using 6 different colors of ink, you should talk to your packaging company about using half-tones.

Half-tones are when you take a color and lighten them up. For example, black can be lightened into different shades of grey, and red can be lightened into different shades of pink. When you use the same color, but just lighten up the amount of ink that is applied, you will be able to cut down on the cost of printing your packages while still creating an interesting looking package. You will be able to use multiple color tones, while paying for less ink.

If your custom packaging costs are taking up too much of your budget, talk to a package production company, like Packaging Center Inc, and see if you can implement any of the three cost-cutting measures listed above this week.