4 Good Reasons To Hire A Freight Broker

4 August 2016
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Are you opening a business that will involve shipping a large amount of goods to customers? If you want to make sure timely shipments are made, you must be careful about who is hired for making deliveries. You might want to invest in the services of a freight broker to take advantage of the benefits that are included. Take a look at this article to discover why working with a freight broker is in the best interest of your company.

1. A Good Deal Can Be Negotiated

The best thing about hiring a freight broker is that he or she will likely already have a good relationship with numerous shipping companies. Due to the broker's reputation, it might allow him or her to have access to discounts that you are not likely to get by hiring a shipper on your own. A freight broker will already have a list of the prices charged by shipping companies in his or her database. He or she will help you choose a shipper that best meets your budget based on your delivery needs.

2. You Will Only Have to Deal with One Person

By hiring a shipper without help from a freight broker, you might have to speak to multiple customer service representatives when problems arise. For instance, if a customer complains that a shipment never arrived, you might have to deal will being referred to various representatives of the shipping company to resolve the problem. You will only need to call the freight broker to resolve problems by opting out of hiring a shipper on your own.

3. Your Shipments Will Be Carefully Tracked

A freight broker will be able to track your shipments throughout the entire delivery process. He or she will also keep records that include the weight, size and contents of your shipments in case a problem arises. For instance, if a shipment happens to get misplaced by a shipping company, the records of what was being delivered can help when it comes to recouping money.

4. Shipments Will Be Timely Year-Round

You must keep in mind that some shipping companies do not deliver on certain days, such as during the holidays. A freight broker will make sure that you are able to make year-round deliveries by promptly connecting you to different shipping companies if the need arises. Speak to a freight broker like Erkon Logistics about the needs of your company as soon as you are able to.