3 Reasons Working With A Courier Is A Good Small Business Shipping Move

23 July 2018
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You place an order online and anticipate a delivery update. When you finally get that notification, you find out that a courier service will be bringing you your package. As a consumer, this is viewed as a good thing. As a small business owner with a certain level of shipping needs, choosing a courier over the typical postal service to make your deliveries can be a really smart move as well. There are actually a few reasons why couriers make a good shipping option for small business owners. Here is a look at some of those reasons you should know.

Courier services may have extended hours of delivery. 

Normally, if you get an order from one of your customers and they need next-day delivery, two-day shipping, or some other priority speed, you have to get that package ready to go out and to the post office within a certain time frame. No matter where a customer lives in the United States, the postal employees only work to a certain point in the day, which can make priority shipping really hard to accommodate and somewhat expensive. Because courier services work independently from the USPS, they often deliver around the clock if need be, but most have at least longer hours of operation. 

Courier services may deliver where the post office will not. 

There are limits to where the post office will deliver, even though they do deliver most places. However, in some extremely rural areas or areas that are hard to access, people in those places must pick up their mail at a local post office. Courier services don't necessarily have the same limitations as federal postal employees, so they can typically get the address from the shipper and make the delivery to whatever location is needed, as long as you are willing to pay for their services. 

Courier services sometimes offer special delivery. 

Maybe you have an item that the post office will not handle, such as live animals or something large. Perhaps you need same-day delivery to a location that is in close proximity to your business. Courier services are equipped to handle shipments that the post office may not be able to handle. They usually have multiple means of delivery, whether it is a delivery made by a bicycler across town or an airplane to quickly get something to another state.

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