Keep These Shipping Material Tips In Mind When Sending Out Your Latest Products

6 January 2020
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If your business frequently ships products through the mail to your customers, it's of course important to you (and your customers) that these products arrive in excellent shape. In order to protect your products while they are in transit, you will want to make sure you have high-quality shipping materials to help your shipments reach their destination with no issues. To that end, here are some shipping tips to keep in mind.

Always Use New Cardboard or Shipping Containers

One of the ways some businesses try to cut costs is by trying to acquire old cardboard boxes and use them for shipments. Maybe you even use the same cardboard boxes from your own warehouse and turn them around into shipping containers. While this is cost effective, it's also putting your products at risk. Once a cardboard box has been used, the cardboard is likely a good bit weaker than it was as new. Even with packing tape, you are taking a risk when sending an already used cardboard box across the country. Stick with new cardboard that has not accumulated any wear or tear and you can ship with peace of mind.

Wrap Each Product Individually

Another common shipping mistake some novices make is to take two different products and wrap them within the same piece of bubble wrap or another protective layer. While you may be protecting the products from outside damage, the two different boxes or packages will still bump into each other within the wrapper. The general rule is that every product should be completely covered within its own sheet of bubble wrap.

Can You Downsize Your Boxes?

Most people who ship regularly like to go with a bigger box and then use packing material to close out any empty space. But if you are frequently shipping similarly-sized products, take a hard look at the size of the shipping containers you've been going with. It might be possible to downsize your box size and still ship safely. A smaller box will also require fewer packing materials. Removing some cardboard and some bubble wrap from the equation will also lead to lower shipping costs for your company.

For best results, always use new cardboard and shipping materials when putting together a package. New cardboard is stronger and better suited to a cross country journey than a re-used box. Wrap each product individually and with care and be sure to use high-quality packing tape on each box.

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