3 Tips For Effectively & Safely Packing Shipping Boxes

10 February 2021
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When you have an item you want to ship to a customer, you want that item to make it to the destination without getting damaged. To ensure the item arrives without getting damaged, it must be packaged appropriately.

1. Choose the Right Box

For your package to make it safely to its intended recipient, you need to choose the right box. There are a variety of different shipping boxes for you to choose from.

Chipboard and paperboard boxes are made from bendable cardboard and are lightweight. They are most often used for shelf packaging, gifts, and cosmetics. These types of boxes are not designed to be exterior shipping boxes; however, you can protect a package by putting it inside a paperboard box and then into a sturdier box for shipping.

Corrugated boxes are the most common type of shipping boxes. They are made of corrugated material, which strengthens the integrity of the box and provides a certain degree of cushioning for your items. Corrugated boxes come in a wide variety of sizes.

Another option is cleated plywood boxes. They are made from cleated plywood and are strong and sturdy. They are often used for air shipping and international shipping.

2. Use Lots of Cushioning

Next, when you pack up an item, you will want to cushion it. You will also want to make sure it fits tightly in the box and will not move around during the shipping process.

That means choosing a box that is just a little bit bigger than the item you need to ship. Then, use cushioning to keep the item from moving. You can wrap the item up in bubble wrap, use packing paper, fill in the space with packing peanuts, or use customized foam as cushioning. The key is to keep the thing secure and prevent movement, as that can cause damage.

3. Properly Label the Item

If your package requires special handling, you will want to make sure you use proper labels. That means that if the package is fragile, you get fragile stickers put on the package. Or if the package needs to be orientated a certain way, you get "this side up" stickers placed correctly on the packaging.

When it comes to shipping items, you want to make sure you choose a strong box to protect your items, use lots of cushioning to keep things from moving around, and properly label the box for the best handling throughout the shipping process. Following these steps will help your package get to its destination unharmed.