4 Ways to Ensure You Get the Best LTL Freight Shipping Price

21 June 2021
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One of the most significant benefits of using less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is that you can save money on your shipping costs, as you are only paying for the portion of the truck you are using. You share the truck with other shipments, ensuring that the truck is full, even if you are only shipping a smaller load.

If you want to get the best LTL shipping price, there are many little factors that can impact your quote and overall shipping price.

Know the Freight Class of Your Products

It is essential to know the freight class of what you are shipping. Getting the freight class wrong will result in your load getting reclassified when the shipping carrier picks up your load and sees what they are moving. This will result in up charges and potentially other additional fees, as different shipping classifications require different care.

The good news is that freight classes are not something that an individual carrier gets to make up; they are standard freight classes that are used across multiple industries, which is why it is worth learning the correct classification for your goods.

Know Your Freight Weight

You should not guestimate the weight of your freight. You will want to fully pack up your load and weigh it, this includes the packaging material and everything else inside it. When the shipping partner picks up your shipment, they are going to verify its weight. If the weight is off, you will be charged a reweight fee, and you will be charged for any extra weight your load is carrying. The weight you submit for your load should be precise, down to the hundredth of a pound.

Measure Things Right

You are going to want to ensure that you measure things accurately. If you have any goods that are sticking off the edge of the pallet, even a little bit, that can greatly impact the cost of shipping your pallet. If stuff is hanging off the edge of the pallet, and instead of being a nice solid square or rectangle, your pallet is now an irregular shape, you are going to face drastically different charges. Ensure that you pack up each pallet so that no goods are hanging over the edge, and ensure that you measure the size of your pallet accurately.

Consolidate Orders

If you know you have multiple orders going to one location, don't send them off on different days. Wait a few days and bundle all the orders together. Sending a larger order, and cutting down on small orders, can often save you the most money. Shipping your items as a single load versus multiple smaller loads is often more affordable.

If you want to save money on your LTL shipping costs, know the correct freight classification of your products, accurately weigh your products, and get the measurements right. If possible, consolidate orders going to the same place. These four tricks should help to reduce your LTL shipping costs further.

For more information about LTL freight quotes, contact a local shipping company near you.