What To Look For In A Freight Company

15 September 2022
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Working with a freight company is common in today's business landscape. Your organization needs to find the right service provider, and here are six things to look for in one.

Shipment Types

Not all shipments are the same, and that's important when it comes to the resources of a freight company. If you need to ship large tanks, for example, that may require different ways of loading, securing, and offloading shipments than you might see with pallets of small boxes. The freight company should be able to show you how it can handle your shipments so you can be confident everything will be safe and secure.


Especially if you have customers who are going to want to know where everything is at any given time, tracking is important. Ideally, the company will have a tracking API that allows you to access the information through your own systems. You can then build the tracking information into your branded products seamlessly with email notifications and website updates.

Risk Management and Insurance

Every freight company should have risk management systems in place. Foremost, that means carrying insurance policies that will make you whole if something happens to your shipments. The company should also use risk management technologies to monitor the condition of its vehicles, drivers, and processes. Especially during times of high utilization, this can be the difference between stuff getting there on time or not.


A freight company should have established routes in the regions where your items need to go. Be wary of a firm that indicates it can go somewhere if it doesn't already run routes there. Look for companies that have a history of going to your destinations.

Customer Service

Whenever you have questions, you need to know customer service will be ready to answer the call. If you might need answers at midnight, it's good to know the freight company will have a representative available to speak about your shipment. They should be able to use the tracking number for the shipment to quickly get answers about what's happening, too.

Regulatory Compliance

It is also a good idea to make sure that a freight company can document all of its compliance efforts. This includes having licenses to haul freight in the areas where your shipments are going. Likewise, they should be able to document the qualifications of their drivers and the ongoing certification of their vehicles. If you need to ship across international borders, the company should have the rights and resources needed to handle the job.