What To Expect From A Class A CDL Training Program

10 January 2023
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If you would like to pursue a career as a trucker, one step you must complete is to finish your Class A CDL training. However, you will need to make sure that your training is a success by knowing what to expect before you move forward with your training program.

Physical Requirements

You must undergo a physical carried out by the US Department of Transportation before you begin your Class A CDL training. Fortunately, you do not necessarily have to pay for the physical because some schools offer it for free.

Your First Application

A Class A license allows you to drive most types of commercial trucks. You are not allowed to operate a vehicle that is transporting passengers. To obtain this type of license, you must submit a trucking school application. This application could be denied if you have a criminal record or based on your driving record. Then, you will need to pay the tuition.

Classroom Experience

Your CDL training will include classroom experience. The purpose of the CDL training is to make sure that you learn about important topics you will need to know to be able to pass the written test. These include road signs, the use of electronic logs, safety procedures, planning out your route, and coupling and uncoupling your trailer. 

The Pre-Trip Inspection

After everything you have learned, you will then put your knowledge to the test by getting behind the wheel of a commercial truck. But before going on your first trip, you must learn how to carry out a pre-trip inspection. Various components of your truck need to be inspected so that you can make sure that the vehicle is safe and legal to operate. 

The Basics

Before you can begin driving, you must know how to operate the controls. You will work with another student during the class one of you will be the driver and the other will be a co-driver. You will then change positions. 

Hitting the Road

The type of skills you will learn include backing up, shifting gears, turning, and parking. You will have to practice driving on many types of roads so that you are ready for anything when it is time to go on your first trip after you have obtained your license. After practicing, you must undergo a road test. After you have passed your test, you will be able to officially apply for your license.

For more information on Class A CDL driver training, contact a professional near you.