Surprising Additional Charges You May Have To Pay When Moving

30 October 2015
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There's a good chance that you'll be moving in the near future, since 35% of Americans moved within the last five years. There are many surprising costs that you will need to be prepared for that are simply a natural part of moving. By being aware of these expenses ahead of time, you might be able to find ways to reduce them. The Gratuity Don't forget to tip the movers. While it is not required, it is considered customary to tip movers about $20 to $30 per person. Read More 

3 Easy Ways To Cut Custom Packaging Costs

27 October 2015
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One of the best ways to make your product stand out is by investing in custom packaging for your product. However, although custom packaging is a great way to brand your product and make it stand out, it can also be expensive. Here are three easy ways to cut down the cost of using custom packaging for you product. Reduce The Weight One way to reduce the cost of your custom packaging is by reducing the weight. Read More 

Watch Ground Conditions When Using Heavy Lift Cranes

20 October 2015
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With the threat of a strong El NiƱo now very real for much of the United States, not just Southern California, crane operators have to be alert for changing ground conditions. No matter the composition of the soil you're working on, frequent heavy rains and possible street flooding can cause the crane to become unsteady. The large stature of the crane and the heavy weight of the items it's meant to lift are a recipe for disaster even if other safety protocols are followed correctly. Read More 

Long Haul Vs. Short Haul: Which Driving Career Is Right For You?

13 October 2015
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Being a truck driver gives you the freedom to go to work every day without having to sit behind a desk or wear a suit and tie. If you are considering different types of truck driver careers, you may be wondering if long haul or short haul trucking is right for you. Both options exist in the shipping industry, and the option you choose ultimately depends on your preferences. Here are a few things you need to know before you make a decision. Read More